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Interpoint SPAM filter usage

instruction sheet for Interpoint Customers



The purpose of this procedure is to describe how to access and use Interpoint Technologies Ltd Online SPAM Filter. There may be occasions when you suspect that a legitimate email has been blocked by the SPAM filter, in this situation you can log on to the SPAM filter, examine your email list, see what emails were blocked and why. If you feel that a legitimate email was blocked you can release this email.



The scope of this document is to provide a simple procedure that is non exhaustive to explain the simple operation of Interpoint’s Online SPAM Filter. 



  • Internet Connection

  • Username and Password

  • (If you do not vave Your Login Details contact Interpointand we will send it to You.) 



  • Open your web browser and enter the following web address:
  • In top Menu navigate to ANTISPAM.
    You will now be presented with a Log on screen to the web page. ( See Fig 1 )



  Figure 1
Above (Figure 1) is the logon screen to the Interpoint SPAM scanner. Keep your logon user name and password in a safe place.


  • In the User Name field (text box) enter usernamerecieved from interpoint.  Keep your logon user name and password in a safe place.

Press the Tab key or click in the Password field (text box) and enter your password.

Do NOT tick the “Remember my password” check box.

Click on OK and this will present you with your email scan results. ( See Fig 2 )



 Figure 2
When successfully logged in to the Interpoint Online SPAM Filter you will be presented with the screen shown in Figure 2. Here you can see a list of all of the emails recently sent to your companies email address.

You will also note that the individual emails are colour coded. These colours indicate whether the email was marked as SPAM or contains a Virus.



• Messages marked in pink are SPAM messages.
• Messages marked in red contain a Virus.
• Messages marked in White are Clean and will be delivered.
• Messages marked in light blue are Released (see note 1 below)
• Messages marked in Black are Black listed messages.
• Messages marked in Green are White listed messages.


 Other useful information on this screen is the day’s stats. Our system  scan emails in two steps. First step filter thousents emails using greylisting. Rest of them is visible for the customers and stats are created for them. 




If you can't find email use search panel on the left hand side and put there even part of the email address to find  more acurate resoults.




• (Note 1)
If someone sent you an email and you didn’t receive it, you can check this list. If you find the message and know that it is not SPAM and does not contain a virus you can release this message for delivery. Any messages that have been released will show up in light blue. Black Listed emails are emails that have been sent from a Black Listed source. That is, a known SPAMMER. These emails can occasionally be legitimate as some senders become black listed by mistake. This is not very often but can happen occasionally, so it’s a good place to look if you think an email should have been delivered but hasn’t.

• (Note 2)
To release an email that has been marked as SPAM or Black Listed click on the small Orange “R” button in the Release column. This will present you with the screen that says “Click here to release this mail. If you require information on why the mail has been stopped click on the Orange “I” button in the info Column, this screen ( you will see the reason why the SPAM filter blocked the email. This information may or may not be of any use to you.. Please note that it is dangerous to your system to release any email that is marked in Red as these contain viruses that could
infect your system. When you have reviewed and released your email you can now logout of the SPAM Filter by clicking on the Logout Button shown in the top left hand corner of the page Doing this will present you with the Logon Screen Click on Cancel on this screen.


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